Sella Nevea is located 19 km far from Tarvisio and just 19 km from the highway. For the three winter seasons we vainly hoped the Slovenian side would technically make the backbone cableway cross-border linking the Italian side across the Canin massif to the Slovenian Bovec so we firmly believe that the information provided by us that unofficially confirms the renewal of the link between the Italian party and the Slovenian is true. However, we would like to remind you that we are based on facts known and presented at the time of preparation of the catalog in August 2016 and we will provide you with actual information when booking a tour or we will inform you on our website.
From the Italian side, Sella Nevea offers high-quality skiing and leads in natural snow. It is considered in vain to be such an unreasonable "glacier" of Friuli Venezia Giulia. A high altitude combined with a unique microclimate that brings record snow raises, yet the ski resort is secured with 80% artificial snow. The first snow here will generally come in early December and will last until the end of April. Sella Nevea or „snow pass“ is suitable not only for lovers of untouched nature, freeride and ski mountaineering, but also for ski clubs, school groups and families looking for untouched nature to avoid the onslaught of mass tourism. In 2007/2008, Sella Nevea has become the headquarters of the FIS Training Center, so the trails are never limited enough to prevent tourists from downhill the beautiful Bela Pec ski slopes literally falling from Monte Canin. Up to surprisingly good transport capacity or a decisive share of backbone cabins, you can find ski tows here only as the marginal supplement.
The Italian side is more suitable for experienced skiers, although not far from the capacity offered (Sporthotel Forte and Julia Pension) there is a covered running carpet and a training ski tow for the smallest. The Slovenian side, on the other hand, dominates the sunniest, milder slopes and in good weather the Adriatic Sea view. Ski pass at the basic price of tours allow unlimited visits to the Slovenian side and nearby Tarvisio. Even in this resort, all children under 10 years of age ski for free!



  • the highest center of the Friuli region up to an altitude of 2 133 m

  • the longest ski season in Friuli skiregion, usually until April 25, 2018!

  • the unique connection of the Italian party with the Slovenian Bovec reopened from 8.2.2017!

  • the breathtaking Sella Nevea translated "Snow Pass" hidden beneath the majestic Monte Canin and literally falling down the beautiful red slope Canin 3 km long! 

  • sunny, milder slopes on the Slovenian side and in good weather with wonderful sea views! 

  • a paradise for ski mountaineers and lovers of untouched nature! 

  • Our TIP - try accommodation at the GILBERTI Mountain Chalet and escape from the worries of everyday days! A romantic place right on the slope with breathtaking views of the mountain massifs! 

  • just 22 km to Tarvisia, or you can ski on one ski pass to Sella Nevee also on the Slovenian side, as well as in Tarvisio and Monte Lussari!

  • the best price conditions in all 3 accommodations we offer!

  • we can offer you shortened stays from the 2 nights in according to your requirements!

  • all children born in 2008 and younger skiing completely FREE

  • delicious genuine Italian cuisine - taste local drinks SPRITZ APEROL and cappuccino! 

  • Sella Nevea is the ideal choice not only in the winter, but also for a bicycle, hiking (beautiful Montasio, which is very close as a traditional place for production of tasty cheese), water sports (rafting in Slovenia) or just swimming in nearby Lagu Raibl or picnic in Lago Fusine! 

  • last but not least, 533 km far from Brno and almost always on the highway!


Artificial snow: 80% of ski slopes
Total length of slopes in km: 10,5 km
Number of slopes in pieces:  10
Numbers of slopes in pieces in according to difficulty: 5 blue, 3 red,
2 green: training slopes for beginners and ski schools
Altitude of ski resort: 1103 - 2133 meters above sea level
The number of cross-country trails in km: 2
Total of transportation equipments in pieces: 5
Types and distinction of transportation  equipments in pieces: 2 "eggs", 1 seat, 1 ski lift, 1 moving carpet (covered)
The longest slope / in km: Canin / 3
Ski elevation in meters: 1030

Other services: training place for teaching with moving carpet and ski lift, ski school, possibility of rent of ski and snowboard equipment, dog sledding, a gym with a climbing wall*, fitness centre*, sauna*, congressional hall with projector*, the smaller shop with basic foodstuffs, information center, laundry with washing machine and dryer*, small fun park for children, igloo, bobsled track and under ideal conditions also rink.


Artificial snow: 80% of ski slopes
Total length of slopes in km: 8,1 km
Number of slopes in pieces: 6
Numbers of slopes in pieces in according to difficulty:

3 blue,
3 red

Altitude of ski resort: 1649 - 2292 meters above sea level (cableway from Bovec start af altitude 436 meters above sea level)
The number of cross-country trails in km: 0
Total of transportation equipments in pieces: 5
Types and distinction of transportation  equipments in pieces: 1 "egg", 3 seats, 1 ski lift
Ski elevation in meters: 643


Sella Nevea – highway:
        19 km
Sella Nevea – Tarvisio:         19 km
Sella Nevea – Kranjska Gora:         35 km
Sella Nevea – Ravascletto:         68 km
Sella Nevea – Forni di Sopra:         84 km
Sella Nevea – Piancavallo:         128 km



Sella Nevea – Brno:         533 km
Sella Nevea – Prague:
        613 km


Ski passes Tarvisio / Sella Nevea

In this tab we will describe ski passes.

In offered tours ski pass is already included in the price of the package, but of course there is the possibility to deduct ski pass and then you will become so. 'Non-skiers' or simply adjust ski pass in according to your wishes (we offer this year one day passes if you're interested in skiing only for a couple of hours, it must be purchased directly at skipas room in Tarvisio, Camporosso or Sella Nevea). By adjusting the ski pass is meant the eventual shortening the number of  ski days or expansion for more ski days, buying way out or exit at the Monte Lussari etc. The base price of our tours inludes a ski pass for an adult, but if you fall into the category of a child or a senior (age see below) or junior,  corresponding amount will be deducted. The amount is always given for each trip in tab Ski pass in according to the combination of hotel nights and ski days.

Ski passes can be bought on place, either on the so-called. "Sci @ ore" = ski from 2 to 5 hours or 1 day ski pass or multi-day. Ski passes purchased in Tarvisio for certain hours or one day (about 35 € /adult) entitling its holder for skiing only in Tarvisio. If you purchase or have over us in the price of tour multiday skipas- ie. from 2 days, then it is valid for the so-called. Friuli skiregion - it entitles the holder to ski in the following ski areas that are not connected for skiing. Or you can use advantageous tour packages, which include accommodation and ski pass.



It means everywhere where you can ski on one ski pass (note that the distance between the centers  almost spurn the opportunity to visit other ski resorts with the exception of Sella Nevea and Tarvisio = 19 km, or when traveling to or from Ravascletto or Piancavallo first or last day of skiing in Tarvisio, which is just off the highway and on the way).
- Tarvisio
- Sella Nevea / CANIN
- Ravascletto / Zoncolan
- Forni di Sopra (our news: up to 2 children have free accommodation and ski pass, more here: Tours Forni di Sopra)
- Piancavallo


For multi-day ski passes you will need photos!

But that does not mean you have to have your own photo, they will take a picture of you at the cash-desk or you will have to have a travel document because of a copy of the photo. Because these are ski passes in the form of magnetic cards (keycards), they are backed by a refundable deposit of approximately € 5 / ski pass. WARNING: For the category free of charge: bimbo and senior - you need to prove your age with the appropriate document!

Skipas rooms offer special prices for school groups in all periods beyond the 23.12.- 07.01.2018. If you are interested in, contact us! Extremely competitive prices for school groups are mainly in the period from 08.01. till 28.01.2018! The condition is a team of at least 15 paying students aged max. 18 years accompanied, of course necessity is a list of people with heading of school institution!


Category Bimbo:
Children born in 2008 and younger ski for free! Age limit is shifted favorably and in winter 2017/2018 all children up to 10 years ski FOR FREE.

Junior category:
Children born between 1998 - 2007 (receive a discount from the basic price of tour in the table, see the tab, a grinding detail of the trip).

Senior category:
Persons born in 1942 and earlier - ski for FREE.




low season: to 22.12.2017 from 12.03.- until the end of the 2018 season

high season: from 23.12.2017 to 11.03.2018




Every Tuesday from 20.00 - 23.00 hours and every Friday non-stop from 9.00h - 23 hours (from 16.00 to 23.00h - on night ski pass).
Price of ski pass for night skiing is for our clients with a multi-day ski pass for 15 € (official price is about 20 €), the bottom part of the slope Pramper is opened.
Special price only to way out and exit at Monte Lussari is 10 € - you can have dinner at one of the pubs on Monte Lussari and experience the unforgettable atmosphere of the pilgrimage place!




No events are reported at this time that would significantly limit the operation of the slopes. We will inform you about any news and ganges here.

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